Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward–and What To Do About It

Indeed, the rapid ascent of Watson Analytics into one of the most popular self-service analytics platforms has been fueled by its ability to put cognitive capabilities into the hands of business users.

 · All you have to do is point out how employees often did research manually and how they can use tools now to do that research. So it’s going to require some skill development, it’s going to require internal conversations about what people want to do in their careers, and it’s going to require making people feel comfortable that there will be a place for them when you do the transformation.

Employee self-service (ESS) is a widely used human resources technology that enables employees to perform many job-related functions, such as applying for reimbursement, updating personal information and accessing company benefits information — which was once largely paper-based, or otherwise would have been maintained by management or administrative staff.

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Interview: The Big Trends in Predictive I caught up with Shekhar Iyer , Global VP of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics for SAP, as he was preparing his presentations for the Gartner BI Conference in Sydney next week, and the SAP Innovation Forum in the UK on March 11th.

The industry has seen a surge of self-service analytics (SSA) tools such as Tableau and Qlik that enable analysts and non-technical business users to gain insights and drive data-focused initiatives. SSA and BI empowers knowledge workers and business users to gather desired insights without reliance on IT to run reports.

Cloud, self-service and architecture are the focus as consultant rick sherman reviews pressing trends of the day. Top of all is the data integration process.

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