Why Are Some Of The Rooms In My Home Colder Or Hotter Than Others? — HomeTech Builders

A reason why your room may be hotter than the other rooms of the house is caused by electronics such as computers and TV’s. Anything electronic generates excessive heat especially computers. One tip to implement is to turn your computer completely off when not using it.

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Start studying Physical science semester 2 review (fill in the blank). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. rooms are often hotter near the ceiling than on the floor because hot air is _____ than cold air. conductor. a good _____ transfers heat easily.

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It is because of the property of warm air to rise above the cold air. Like the cold water sinks below the warm water(except solid ice, which has a different property.

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Thermostat. Another room may remain colder because it is located on an upper floor or at one end of the building. This becomes especially problematic if the thermostat is near other heat sources, such as kitchen appliances.

Best Answer: As you go up in altitude, the air does get cooler since it’s less dense, and can therefore retain less heat. However, this heat loss is 2 degrees Celcius per 1000 feet. So, for the height of a three story house, at about 35 feet, the cooling effect would be .07 of a degree.

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As others have suggested – the cost. Just think athletes coming in from colder countries who are not prepared to compete outside in temperatures that will be borderline 40 degs if not hotter. And.

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The ‘balancing’ of air can cause a room to get hotter than others. The amount of cold air reaching all your rooms is not the same causing the change in temperature. You can try to eliminate the problem by adjusting the dampers that that might become more of a hassle and lead to an unsuccessful project.