What’s in a number? For Raiders’ Maurice Hurst, it’s very important. Here’s why

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Hurst was excused from the NFL Combine with a medical red flag. Its a heart condition that cam up during his freshman year at Michigan, so its not a surprise to Hurst, but it might hurt his stock. Hurst has since been cleared to play in the NFL and recently had a very good performance at Michigan’s pro day.

Raiders’ draft preview: Getting Maurice Hurst would be an inside job – The mercury news zennie. Sunday, April 22, 2018. The Mercury NewsWhy he fits the Raiders: A classic three-technique tackle, Hurst has the sort of get-off reminiscent of Warren Sapp and John Randle as inside rushers. That.

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Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst would fit perfectly into the Raiders new defensive scheme under Paul Guenther. The problem is no one is willing to touch him because of a pre-existing heart condition he played with in college. Most teams have reportedly taken Hurst off their draft boards – the Raiders apparently being one of those teams.

Was Raiders’ Selection of Maurice Hurst ‘Irresponsible’? That was the reaction of some around the NFL after Oakland took the standout former Michigan defensive tackle despite the discovery he has.

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Michigan’s Maurice Hurst is the type of big-motor, athletic, versatile player that fits the 3-4 scheme but can also bump down to a pass-rushing role on third downs.

Michigan’s Maurice Hurst (finally) drafted in Round 5 by Oakland Raiders. Michigan’s Maurice Hurst was taken in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL draft by the Oakland Raiders.

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