UNSW researchers to study reverse mortgages

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The research team will investigate the impact of behavioural factors as an explanation for subdued reverse mortgage demand. "Combining our research track record and Household Capital’s industry expertise, we will design and field test an online experimental survey to study the role of mental accounting in the demand for reverse mortgages.

A 2011 MetLife study found senior victims account for nearly $3 billion of annual losses. More research by the Securities and Exchange. pressuring seniors into taking out inappropriate "reverse.

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Cruz Fights for More Flexible Education Savings Accounts Zacks Investment research upgrades connectone bancorp (cnob) to Buy UNSW researchers to study reverse mortgages And three quarters of those who have a reverse mortgage say that it has improved their quality of life, according to a new study by from researchers at the University of Ohio.

The research is the first such study to focus exclusively on major corporations, with most attention in the past concentrating on the small and medium business sector.. Why is the demand for reverse mortgages low?. Quick and easy access to UNSW Business academic staff: their research.

A Barron’s article addressed standard retirement questions like withdrawal rates and sequence risk, reverse mortgages. a research university with only a B.A. I did pass the test required to be a.

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Research (CEPAR), University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. February 7, 2014 Abstract Reverse mortgages provide an alternative source of funding for retirement income and health care costs. The two main risks that reverse mortgage providers face are house price risk and longevity risk.

Researchers from the University of NSW Business School will investigate behavioural and other issues behind the low uptake of reverse mortgages in Australia. A reverse mortgage is a loan that enables homeowners to access their home equity; the homeowner can borrow without having to make repayments while living in the home.

reverse mortgage loans in the United States and discusses the various risks involved in the product. This section concludes with a pricing model for reverse mortgage products. In section 4, we develop a model for securitization of longevity risk in reverse mortgages. Examples of schemes are given, including