Universal Credit: Ex-gas fitter tells of struggle to keep his home and children

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the reverse of what was intended; Universal Credit is harming the. people struggling to claim the new benefit, let alone the awful. food and fuel bills, the family's child benefit and tax. changes, he can no longer afford to live in his own home. It speaks of compassion and. Payments in the last year to protect people.

Universal Credit: Ex-gas fitter tells of struggle to keep his home and children. Paul Steward at home in Saintfield with four of his six children,

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Lynne, 49, told Birmingham Mail she has been out of work for the last year.. "We can't afford to put fuel in the car and we've had to go to the local food bank in. The Sun wants to Make Universal Credit Work with new campaign. Keep more of what you earn: The work allowance should be increased and.

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According to Save the Children, thousands of families who claim the benefit. Universal Credit: Parents struggle to pay upfront 'sky-high' childcare fees charity says.. “Parents tell us it feels as if the system is stacked against them. Online banking warning: Ex scam artist on simple way criminals could get.

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Universal Credit: Ex-gas fitter tells of struggle to keep his home and children. Universal Credit is replacing six traditional benefits – but causing major stresses. Philip Bradfield and the JPI Investigations Team report. A gas fitter who was a.

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