Tom Hanks in Indianapolis to support military caregivers

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – As former Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Tom Hanks visit Indianapolis to honor and celebrate the "Hidden Heroes" in the community, one local family is showing its gratitude for the work of organizations like the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.The Graham family knows firsthand how programs like "Hidden Heroes" can make a difference in a military home.

. military caregivers — Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Tom Hanks co-hosted from the indianapolis motor speedway to share their stories.. So if people could offer that help in their area of expertise, that would be fantastic.

The one-hour “Today” segment with Hanks begins at 8 a.m., and it will include a performance by nine-time Grammy award winner sheryl crow. Military veterans and their caregivers will be featured live during the broadcast. The Indianapolis 500 will air on NBC on Sunday, the first time it has been broadcast on the network.

Tom Hanks’ charity work really revs the engines of some of racing’s best, so they honored him with an impressive award.. The "Toy Story 4" star was in Indianapolis, Indiana at a luncheon.

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(INDIANAPOLIS) – Oscar winner Tom Hanks is in Indianapolis to urge Hoosiers to lend a hand to those caring for veterans. Hanks is chairman of the "Hidden Heroes" campaign, created by former North Carolina senator elizabeth dole three years ago to connect military caregivers with community resources to ease some of their other burdens.

 · Tom Hanks and Savannah Guthrie report live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where they honor the millions of military caregivers nationwide. They listen to several families’ stories and.

Good bless the ones that give there time to help others in need.. Military Caregivers.. about military caregivers in Indiana at the #HiddenHeroes Lunch in Indianapolis.. Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Dole will join Governor Eric Holcomb and.

Tom Hanks, Savannah Guthrie and Andrew Luck join Indiana military veterans, caregivers. 2 months ago . Jennifer Mackinday calls the last 14 years of her life an "unexpected journey."

 · Tom Hanks will cohost ‘Today’ with Savannah Guthrie on May 23 to support a great cause – get the details to learn more about this special episode!. which supports military caregivers.

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