Supreme Court rules Graham Mills will not have to give ex-wife more money

"Should an 85 year old have to pay his ex-wife more than previously agreed? According to today’s Supreme Court appeal he shouldn’t if his ex-wife has found herself in an unstable financial position because of her own mismanagement of the money originally provided to her in the divorce settlement.

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Supreme court rules graham mills will not have to pay long-term maintenance to ex-wife 18 July 2018 Today the Supreme Court ruled in favour of businessman Graham Mills to set aside an order increasing the maintenance payments to his ex-wife, former estate agent Maria Mills, following their divorce 16 years ago in 2002.

It may not deal a blow to the so-called meal ticket for life, but Graham Mills’s victory in the UK supreme court yesterday was nonetheless a win of sorts: five justices unanimously held that he.

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A man who is still paying his former wife despite divorcing 15 years ago has called for divorces to be made easier and fairer, as he runs a crowdfunding campaign to go to the Supreme Court. Graham Mills got divorced from his wife 15 years ago and paid her a 230,000 lump sum. He has been supporting her and their son ever since and judges have ruled he should pay her for the

A UK man who was previously ordered by the Court of Appeal to financially support his ex-wife ‘for life’ is hoping to challenge the decision at the Supreme Court. Mr Graham Mills has launched an online crowdfunding campaign in a bid to raise the 50,000 he believes the challenge will cost.

The UK’s highest court has ruled that a surveyor will not have to give his ex-wife more money 15 years after their divorce simply because she spent all her original settlement.Graham Mills, 52.