Small rise in WA’s unemployment rate as 4000 jobs lost

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 · McKinsey research says that up to one-third of U.S. workers – and 800 million globally – could be displaced by 2030. The researchers found that "60 percent of occupations have at least 30.

 · Following unemployment numbers is a passion for those who watch the economy. However, current happy talk needs tempering with a closer look at numbers. The announced 3.9% unemployment rate is, as.

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The national unemployment rate is defined as the percentage of unemployed workers in the total labor force. It is widely recognized as a key indicator of labor market performance. A closely.

New Jersey’s unemployment rate dropped to 9.1 percent last month as private businesses added 4,000 jobs. economics professor Joseph Seneca. "The increase since that time, 38,600 private sector jobs.

 · This morning’s big news is the jump in the unemployment rate to a frightening 6.1 percent in August 2008, up from 5.7 percent in July. This sharp increase.

“These 3,300 jobs added in June, together with an increase. sector lost 200 openings. While the numbers for black and.

 · Jobs numbers are calculated from a nationwide survey of about 150,000 businesses and government agencies. The other high-profile number that’s announced at the same time, the unemployment rate – referred to as “U-3” – comes from a different survey of about 60,000 households – and isn’t subject to monthly revisions.

Unemployment climbs despite strong jobs growth | Nine News Australia Employment. Although unemployment rates are virtually unchanged the Employment numbers tell a slightly different story. According to the BLS Commissioner’s report “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 228,000 in November. Employment continued to trend up in professional and business services, manufacturing,

Weakness continued for the retail industry, which lost 4,000 jobs for the month. The unemployment rate held for the second consecutive month at 3.7 percent. By Robert Hughes

The Reserve Bank will cut rates again and again, until we lift spending and push up prices India cut interest rates. until india achieves 8 percent annual expansion again, predicting the nation will grow at that pace in 2015-2016. Inflation based on wholesale prices eased to 5.96 percent.

January Payrolls Up 200,000, Unemployment Rate Steady at 4.1 Percent. Payroll Employment increased by 200,000 jobs in January. The Unemployment Rate for January was steady at 4.1 percent. Average Hourly Earnings increased by 0.3 percent in January. The Average Workweek in January decreased to 34.3 hours. Labor data remains strong in early 2018.

The only decreases were in WA, down by 4000, and Tasmania, down by 400. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.4 points in Queensland to 6.2 per cent and 0.2 points in WA to 6.3 per cent. NSW and Victoria have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 4.6 per cent.