RBS sub-prime bill set to jump

Royal Bank of Scotland is expected to face a further £5bn penalty before the end of the year over its role in the American sub-prime mortgage meltdown. The bank, which is still 71% owned by the.

Fred Goodwin. Photo Illustration; Goodwin: Murdo Macleod / Polaris: Getty. For years, the worst moniker you heard thrown at Goodwin, the former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), was "Fred the Shred," on account of his knack for paring costs. A slew of acquisitions changed that, and some RBS investors saw him as a megalomaniac.

In the nine years since the global financial crisis, US and European investment banks have set aside $273 billion. between 2005 and 2007. RBS was the largest non-US bank involved in the improper.

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When Royal Bank of Scotland was preparing to sell a package of US subprime mortgages in October 2007, staff were keen to reassure.

Posts about RBS written by devonllpblogger. Banks on brink of swaps mis-selling’ investigation British banks are facing the prospect of a major investigation by the Financial Services Authority into alleged mis-selling of billions of pounds of complex interest rate hedging products to small businesses.

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Sub-prime lending is a fancy financial term for high-interest loans to people. Or they make "adjustable rate" loans, which offer low initial interest rates that jump. firms set up special investment units, bought the sub-prime mortgages. goldman sachs, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, RBS, Countrywide,

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Subprime housing crisis, foreclosure sale. RBS. The FSA admits that it had expected RBS to rebuild its capital ratios over three years and not.

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It relates to the bank’s role in the selling of risky mortgages – the so called subprime crisis – which was at the epicentre of the financial crisis. This will plunge RBS, 72% owned by the. Guesses.