Move to cut is a sudden and significant shift from the RBA

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The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announced its first interest rate decision for the year today. The cash rate remains on hold at a record low 1.5% for yet another month – where is has remained since August 2016 – a decision which was widely anticipated.

Labour market data from Australia hints at dovish RBA shift. rate cut in the near term. The pair’s recovery attempts are likely to remain shallow and stay technical in nature. The Westpac Leading.

Matthew Peter, QIC: "The market is now pricing the next move of the RBA to be a 0.25% cut sometime in early 2020 as China slows and the housing market continues to correct. These headwinds are yet.

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Since April last year the RBA has said the next move in its cash rate was likely to be higher. Markets initially agreed with that view, but now they disagree, pricing the odds of a 25 basis point.

Monetary policy is the result of the federal reserve (at least in the United States) manipulating interest rates in the economy. If the federal reserve raises interest rates, then we will see aggregate demand decrease or shift left because it has become more expensive to finance investment.

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The EUR/USD has fallen last Friday to 1.0962, a level that was last seen in May 2017, to close the week at 1.0990. The USD got a sudden lift by the end of the London session, a sign that.

The RBA. moving forward but this could possibly cause a rethink in that in my view. With wage growth also nowhere near levels they want it to be, the household squeeze is likely to continue into.