More home sellers cut asking price

Asking Price. When it’s up for sale, real estate’s asking price is also known as its listing price. real estate sellers ‘list‘ their properties for a certain price in hopes of attracting buyers.

Sellers want a good price for their home just as much as you want a good deal. Some list their homes for more than they expect to get, anticipating that you’ll offer less. Unfortunately, if you can’t be certain why the seller listed the home at the price he did, there’s no firm percentage rule as to how much you should offer.

Home sellers in the UK cut their asking prices last month amid a “challenging” property market for next year, according to Rightmove plc. According to the company, average asking prices in England and Wales have decreased by 2.7 percent from November to £225,766 (S$457,400). UK.

 · From Bloomberg: London home sellers cut asking prices by the most in more than six years this month, adding to signs that the property market in the U.K. capital is coming off the boil.

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Property sellers cut asking prices.. where the average home has only been reduced in price by 5.2 per cent since coming onto the market.. have been reduced in price has grown by more than 26.

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 · The proportion of London home sellers dropping their asking price is rising as the property market slumps further. With more than four in 10 revising lower, the average price cut of.

 · A good agent will help you set a fair and competitive selling price for your home that will increase your odds of a quick sale.. more or less than your asking price will likely. Home.

With fewer reduced price homes available in January, sellers were able to ask for their original list prices, rather than cut them to attract buyers. “Sellers are taking a realistic look at.

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In this week’s installment of Ask An Agent, a reader wonders if there is a rule for how much under the asking price she should bid on a property that she is interested in. Coldwell Banker’s David Bediz offers up some insight. Question: Is there a rule of thumb in this market for how much under.