Months after getting out of the NRA insurance business, headaches pile up for Lockton

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Chubb Among Chorus of Companies cutting promotional ties With NRA.. which on Friday said it would stop underwriting a NRA-branded insurance policy for gun owners that covers legal costs in self-defense shootings.. which offers up to a 26 percent discount for nra business alliance members.

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After Scott County man dies in tractor accident, wife sues NRA for denying life insurance payment. bought from the National Rifle Association just 10 months earlier.. sign up for "new and.

Trump's election sent gun sales into a tailspin.. I was pumping gas and trying to stay alert, sizing up everything and everyone around me.. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a well-heeled young couple strolling past a Latino. a third-party insurance company, which severed its connection to the NRA in.

Broker Lockton Joins Chubb, MetLife in Withdrawing from NRA insurance programs. lockton has been the insurance broker for the NRA-branded personal liability insurance policy known as Carry Guard, which was announced last April. Chubb, the insurer for the program, said it pulled out of the gun insurance program several months ago.

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