He’s a shadow banker, not a Brickell banker — but he scammed the U.S. for millions

I’m guessing you have no industry experience. "HF management" of name-brand reputable funds indeed has no "access to" client funds. The fund administrator handles cashflows, not the "HF management." No institutional investor would commit money to a fund that didn’t have a top-tier, blue-chip administrator.

this is a bank question I invested money in a scam (Zeek)I’m sure people have herd of it anyway put in a large amount with a bank cashiers check they did not cash it for months so went to bank received another had to pay 100$ for insurance so if the other were cashed I would not be liable plus another 35$ for the check So after a month they were shut down the gov. took over they cashed the.

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She’s has more confidence than a Miami fan and thinks you deserve nothing in return..yes or no? Discussion in ‘The Main Board’ started by **JABA**, Nov 16, 2017.

Joe the Plumber is not exactly a plumber, he’s "not even close" to making the kind of money that would result in higher taxes from Democrat Barack Obama’s proposals and has such an aversion to taxes.

Fixed-rate home loan falls below 1% the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage and the 5-year ARM required an average 0.6 point and the 1-year ARM required an average 0.5 point. A point is 1% of the mortgage amount, charged as prepaid interest.

I live in the U.S. and got a message from PayPal that a dispute has been opened by a guy who appears to live in France and says he bought some.

But was he hiding a bigger crime? Fabien Gaglio confessed to running a $100 million Ponzi scheme on his own terms. At 9 a.m. on a Wednesday in Paris, dressed elegantly in a dark sweater and crisp white shirt, the 39-year-old banker from the French Riviera walked into a police precinct and took a seat in an interrogation room, armed with a.

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He’s a shadow banker, not a Brickell banker – but he scammed the U.S. for millions. home selling: Master the Open House with These 3 Facts | Jim Passi – Citywide Home Loans. Search for: Recent Posts. Get Cash Advance : Best Loan Rates Online – Safe Online Loans 24 Hours..

Supporters of dinar investment argue the currency will one day rise sharply in value against the U.S. dollar. Mark said he invested in Iraqi dinar 10 years ago and believes his gamble will pay off,