Here’s who the ATO is targeting this year

What the ATO is targeting this tax time. 0:00.. share on Facebook; The Australian Tax Office is targeting a number of areas including vehicle and investment property claims and it is warning. Here are 11 claims that the ATO plans to target this year, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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The joint targeting and target nomination process that is used by xviii airborne corps when operating as a JTF headquarters is outlined in the figure below. The 12 numbers depicted in the figure. Here’s Everything The ATO Will Be Targeting This Year. They provide guidance on utilities and depreciation for your home office.

Every year accountants and businesses alike ponder what will be on the. The first area to look at is of course what the ATO will be targeting in.. “There's a lot of third-party data making its way into the ATO and the ATO has.

The ATO has been given more. Who the ATO is targeting this year. With the end of the financial year fast approaching, taxpayers are being warned there’s nowhere to hide from the sophisticated data matching capabilities of the ATO, which is apparently a little bit upset with us.

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. expenses are two groups being targeted this year by the ATO.. There's also been changes in the way car expenses are calculated this year.

The ATO has previously warned that there was no such thing as a "standard" deduction. In the same year, more than three million people made work-related car expense claims totalling $8.5 billion, a "significant proportion" of which were "right at the limit that does not require detailed records".

Types of target foreign income you need to show at this item include: regular receipts of money and gifts from relatives living overseas which are exempt from Australian tax income from foreign business interests and investments, which are exempt from Australian tax, including income received by migrants with business interests in their country.