Half of China’s newborns in 2018 second children

Maternal health is closely linked to newborn survival, as vulnerabilities to illness can pass from mother to child. While great strides have been made in reducing global under-five child mortality, newborns now account for 46 percent of all childhood deaths. Each year, 2.6 million newborns die within their first month of life, and an additional.

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The increase follows the relaxation of China’s strict one-child policy a year ago. There were 17.86 million births in 2016, an 7.9% increase on 2015, according to National Health and Family.

Chinese academics recently delivered a stark warning to the country’s leaders: China. a second child rose, the overall number of births continued to drop. On Monday, the National Bureau of.

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Beijing: Over 50 per cent of the total 17.58 million babies born in China last year were second child in the family, registering a five per cent jump compared to 2016, a media report said today. China relaxed its controversial one child policy in 2016, permitting couples to have two children amid deepening demographic crisis of shrinking workforce and ageing population in the world’s second.

The term one-child policy is thus a misnomer, because for nearly 30 of the 36 years that it existed (1979-2015) about half of all parents in China were allowed to have a second child. Provincial governments could, and did, require the use of contraception, sterilizations and abortions to ensure compliance, and imposed enormous fines for violations.

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While most partners (82%) are involved in comforting and checking up on the baby, less than half. 2018, Theurich et al. JPGN, 2019, Australian DH, 2019, China Department of Maternal and Child.

Many households would risk paying hefty fines to have more than one child. The city has the highest birth rate in Zhejiang province, in eastern China. But last year, the number of newborn. 11.