`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages

`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages. Note: The App Engine Deployer role alone grants adequate permission to deploy using the Admin API. To use other App Engine tooling, like gcloud commands, you must also have the Storage Admin role and cloud build editor role.

Go aims to use simplicity to achieve complex tasks and therefore make the language more fun and productive. Since the beginning of the language When using vendoring you will be able to use the same import paths as if you weren’t, because Go will always try to find dependencies in the nearest.

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Using trash to manage ./vendor. vendor.json using Govendor tool. Govendor is a tool that is used to import 3rd party packages into your code repository in a way that is compatible with golang’s vendoring. This instructs govendor to add all of the external packages into your current repository.

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go mod vendor command can not copy c and other files to the vendor directory, this makes a lot of packages have problems, maybe can add go mod vendor Before trying to switch to go modules we used vendoring via git submodules, which worked well and allowed us to produce deterministic builds.

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The "vendor/" folder. I have many personal Go projects that vendors the dependencies to their respective Git repositories. I’ve decided to move one of my projects to make use of Go modules, so I can learn more about how to use Go modules properly and also adjust.

godep go build godep go install godep go test. To make this work, godep performs a bit of magic. It uses a working directory and manipulates the Vendoring is the act of making your own copy of the 3rd party packages your project is using. Those copies are traditionally placed inside each project.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016. How to Use Vendoring in Go. Vendoring is a way to put dependencies in a Go project without having to mess with the GOPATH. The idea is simple, that is to put the dependencies in a directory called "vendor".