Cities’ interest in granny flats at ‘fever pitch’ amid U.S. housing crisis

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 · Cities’ interest in granny flats at ‘fever pitch’ amid U.S. housing crisis. The U.S. capital is one of the most expensive cities in the country, but Derek Wright hopes to cover his housing.

 · Cities’ interest in granny flats at ‘fever pitch’ amid U.S. housing crisis. Granny flats offer a low-cost housing solution because the land is already paid for and plans are underway across the U.S. to loosen regulations.. the interest in the housing units is "almost at a fever pitch right now," said Kol Peterson, author of a book on the.

Fast-rising home prices are driving buyers out of the Charlotte market What is postal banking? allowing post office banking services could benefit low income areas, communities of color Postal banking would be particularly helpful for people living in rural areas and First Nations communities, few of which have bank branches, and for low-income people in cities, including the close to two million people per year who use payday lenders. · Home sellers see biggest profits in a decade – not just because of higher prices. Add price gains to increased tenure, and home sellers are now seeing the greatest returns in 10 years. For those who sold in the second quarter of this year, they saw an average profit of $51,000, a.

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