Builders ‘don’t have skills’ to cut energy use in homes

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The Netherlands have selected meters that don’t have remote on/off switches and in the UK the government has got GCHQ dreaming up the protection. Any connected device is always going to be vulnerable to some degree and even if you don’t get a smart meter installed, that doesn’t mean that hackers won’t take out your energy provider instead.

Basements require proper techniques to keep them dry and many builders won’t go to those lengths and/or don’t have skilled crews to do the work. If you look at older homes, it seems some got the basement right and some didn’t. A common complaint in new homes now is water in the basement.

Semi-custom builders don’t have access to lower prices than fully-custom. For example, they pay the exact same price for labor and materials. No supplier or subcontractor would ever offer cheaper pricing to a semi-custom guy, because they would lose all of their other business.

If you don’t have the cash to buy the land, make that your first goal, to save the money to pay CASH for the land. That will help offset the amount of down payment you need to start building and also get you on the right track as far as thinking about what size and kind of house you want to build.

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"A day doesn’t go by when I don’t see a home with this issue," Mathewson said. Often, a builder will use the right material but use it incorrectly, according to Mathewson. For instance, some foam sealants are rated for use as fire blocking, but can only be installed up to a maximum thickness, which they’re often not.

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