Bill Would Allow 529 Savings to Be Spent on Training Instead of College

Bill Would Allow 529 Savings to Be Spent on Training Instead of College House to vote on 529 options act Thursday. Getty Images Bill McMorris – May 23, 2019 5:00 AM

Save the money for your hypothetical grandchildren There’s no limit as to when you have to spend the money in your 529. still in saving mode, you may want to consider putting some of that college.

Absolutely not. Because while a 529 is generally referred to as a college savings account, it probably should more accurately be called a post-secondary education savings account. That’s because the good news is that a 529 can be used for other types of education besides college. Where you can use 529 assets

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Putting Away $$ For The Future college savings 529 Savings Plan investments congress ABLE Act. Spokespeople for the sponsors of the bill, florida representative ander crenshaw and Pennsylvania senator robert casey, say they believe the Senate is likely to vote in favor of the Act.

The House of Representatives passed the 529 OPTIONS Act on Thursday, 417-3.. The media has concentrated on parts of the bill that helps people with retirement plans, but I believe the portion that allows people to use 529 savings on training and apprenticeships deserves more attention.

Need a laptop for college? Look at your 529 plan. You save money in a 529 plan to spend on college. But what costs can be covered once you have money in that 529 account?

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It would be a significant addition to the $20.7 billion in general fund money the state is expected to spend on Medi-Cal in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. gov. gavin newsom has instead. This bill.

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When money in 529 College Savings Plan funds is spent on non-qualified expenses (that is, not on college tuition Note: New Tax legislation now allows 529 plan money to be spent for a new category of educational What happens if your child joins the military instead or passes away unexpectedly?

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