Are baby boomers causing shortage in real-estate listings?

‘Baby boomers’ staying put as housing shortage looms 6:41 AM ET Mon, 21 Aug 2017 CNBC’s Diana Olick, reports baby boomers are staying in their homes longer than previous generations and that is.

Many studies suggest one of the main reasons for the inventory shortage in today’s market of homes for sale is that older generations have chosen to "age in place" over moving.. The 2019 Home Buyers & Sellers Generational Trend Report by NAR clarifies this point!. NAR’s findings show that Baby Boomers (43%) and the Silent Generation (12%) made up 56% of sellers in 2018!

Boomers are part of WASHINGTON – They rocked at Woodstock, marched in protest on campus, distrusted authority, and then as adults, took out mortgages and bought lots of real estate.

That means people are staying in their homes longer, said Richard Buttimer, director of the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate at UNC Charlotte – further. that figure was less than 15 percent..

While Boomers might be contributing, we are not entirely responsible for the shortage. Boston is an area fortunate to be flux with high-paying jobs, but with no land left for housing developments. And we are certainly not responsible for the massive influx of foreign nationals buying homes here – with cash in their pocket and the ability to.

Are baby boomers causing shortage in real-estate listings?. According to a survey from, the U.S. is in the midst of its worst housing inventory shortage in 20 years. The real estate listing website has attributed. play out in an interesting way.

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Causes & Economic Consequences of the Baby Boom Posted on June 25, 2015 by Elizabeth Arentz Leave a comment "The facts as I see them are clear and damning: Baby boomers took the economic equivalent of a king salmon from their parents and, before they passed it on, gobbled up everything but the bones."-

Of course boomers’ behavior has had outsized effects on the national economy for decades. In real estate, their footprint is enormous.

Housing inventory shortages continue to plague the real estate market, and the generation that’s most to blame is Baby Boomers. In fact, the new Housing Shortage Study from shows there are two major reasons for the housing shortage: boomers‘ reluctance to sell and the fact that homes already fit current family needs.

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